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UwatchFreeMovies: All kinds of best movies for free are available on this website. The tag for Watch Online HD Movies For Free matches the website. This website has proved itself with the time that they are constantly working for the users. They work for the users to provide films, movies, web series and all for free.

The rise of piracy has given birth to many piracy websites, which many people love. Today one of such website will be discussed here. The name of this piracy site is uwatchfree movies, So I will suggest you to read this full article to get all the information about this website.

UwatchFreeMovies 2020

This is as usually a pirated website that is basically called torrent site. It is a website that provides all the content or you may call the films for free by doing all kind of piracy. This is not a legal website and has been banned by the government of India. Still, this site is running with the help of many proxy sites.

Apart from fighting with many types of problem. Still, this website finds many ways to survive the clashes of the government and the search engines. And still, the website keeps the potential of providing you movies with a variety of movies and with best qualities. With facing many problems also, this site is giving various options and opportunities along with the highest quality.

Best HD and best quality movies are on this website, you can feel the easy interface by simply visiting this website. This website is very user friendly and has a lot of films in this site. It also gives you many kinds of formats on the website like 3gp Movies, 144p Movies, 240p Movies, 300 MB Films, 480p Movies, 720p Movies (HD Movies), 1080p Movies (Full HD Movies)

Categories of UwatchFreeMovies

This is one of the best popular websites that provides you with free pirated movie watching and downloading website. So this website can give a lot of category for downloading the movies. As they no need to provide any original content on their website, they can provide thousands of movies without any hassle. Hence you can see there are a lot of categories, here I will discuss all the categories of this below. Main categories of UwatchFreeMovies are:

  • Animation
  • Action
  • Biography
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mystry
  • Suspense
  • Sci- Fi
  • Viswant
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Harshitha
  • Music
  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Short
  • Thriller
  • War
  • Family
  • History
  • Physical
  • Romance
  • Musical
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Sport

These are basically the genres that the website provides you with the films. The site also provides you with any kind of formats of the movie download. This is basically the quality of the movies that you are downloading. And as I told you about the all categories so I will need to share the available format with you. So here is a list of categories of the formats that are available here:

  1. 3gp Movies
  2. 144p Movies
  3. 240p Movies
  4. 300 MB Films
  5. 480p Movies
  6. 720p Movies (HD Movies)
  7. 1080p Movies (Full HD Movies)

The list doesn’t end here, you also get all kinds of movies starting from 1978 to the latest movies that are releasing till date. Also sometimes the website provides you with the films that are not even released by the company or the production houses.

Legal or Not

As piracy or torrent in India is illegal, this website is also illegal. This site is completely piracy and as I mentioned that the piracy or promoting piracy is not legal in India. That’s why this website can’t be legal, Here you may find a lot of movies that may entertain you. But it’s completely wrong to visit even this website. You must never visit this website.

This site is also even banned by google. Your data may get stolen if you visit such sites. If you visit this site you will be promoting piracy, which is even not legal in India. So stay safe and keep yourself away from these movies.

Proxies of UwatchFreeMovies

As to maintain a lot of bans by the government and search engines. All such websites have to maintain many domain names so that they thrive in the online world. Hence this website, that is UwatchFreeMovies has many proxy links or domains. There are many domain providers that are available today in the line market. So these proxy websites get many domains to get their work done to their site to maintain. Here on the list, I will give you a list of proxies for this website. So see the list and understand about the proxies about this website.

  • UwatchFreeMovies.sx
  • UwatchFreeMovies.com
  • UwatchFreeMovies.st
  • UwatchFreeMovies.free
  • UwatchFreeMovies.org
  • UwatchFreeMovies.xyz
  • UwatchFreeMovies.co.in
  • UwatchFreeMovies.pro
  • UwatchFreeMovies.wiki
  • UwatchFreeMovies.live
  • UwatchFreeMovies.net
  • UwatchFreeMovies.club
  • UwatchFreeMovies.us
  • UwatchFreeMovies.cc
  • UwatchFreeMovies.pro
  • UwatchFreeMovies.ong
  • UwatchFreeMovies.link
  • UwatchFreeMovies.trade
  • UwatchFreeMovies.or
  • UwatchFreeMovies.info
  • UwatchFreeMovies.biz
  • UwatchFree Movies.web


There are many kind of alternatives available today in the online field where you can learn a lot of movies downloading. But I will never recommend you to visit any such kind of websites. So simply I am providing you with the list along with the information of the websites which will help you to understand that these are not good for you. Hence read them also properly and also you will find many website information on our website, simply follow them:

  1. Downloadming
  2. Moviesbaba
  3. Ocean of Movies
  4. Tamilpix
  5. YoMovies
  6. TamilMV
  7. UWatchFree
  8. 9xmovie
  9. aFilmyHit
  10. OnlineMovieWatchs



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When you will read the full article you will understand that in this article I have exposed a famous piracy website, Uwatchfree Movies. This article is just a review of the website.

We understand that piracy and piracy promoting is completely illegal and we respect all the laws of the government. The above mentioned all the websites are not owned by us. The site mentioned here is only for review purpose.

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