Maureen McPhilmy, Bill Oreilly Wife Full Bio And Her Divorce With Bill

Maureen Mcphilmy

Maureen McPhilmy, a Public Relation Executive came into the media after being married to Bill O’Reilly after a 4-year affair. Bill O’Reilly is a famous American journalist hosting a show on  Fox news. He was also a television personality and political commentator. She later came into news when she got divorced from Bill O’Reilly.

Maureen Mcphilmy

Maureen Mcphilmy was born on 11th of May 1966 in a middle-class family of Chittenango, New York, United States of America. Maureen Mcphilmy’s birth name was Maureen Elizabeth Mcphilmy.

From the very beginning of her childhood, Maureen faced a lot of hardships as her father worked in a market whereas her mother worked as a Gardener. As a result, the financial status of the family was not stable.

Life gave Maureen more challenges when her parents got divorced and separated when she was just 5 years old kid.

Education and Career

Talking about the education of Maureen Mcphilmy, She has completed her education from Saint Peter’s School and graduated from a very reputed University.

Not much is known about her education and University degree. After the completion of her graduation, she started working as a waitress in a local restaurant to earn money.

She learned the struggle to overcome financial difficulties which made her a very strong woman. As a result, she later got a job in a Public Relations Company as being a Public Relation Executive.

As a part of her job, She had the responsibility to lead the campaign and several management programs. She also had promotions of big brands and individuals.

Bill Oreilly Wife

William James O’Reilly also is known as Bill O’Reilly is a famous American political commentator and TV personality. He has also been a host of the famous show aired on the fox news channel called ‘The O’Reilly Factor’. Apart from being a host, he is also a great author.

The O’Reilly Factor‘ was originally named as ‘ The O’Reilly  Report’ as in 1996 O’Reilly joined Fox news channel as an anchor of the show. O’Reilly became a celebrity as the program became more famous and prominent with the time.

O’Reilly started receiving a lot of appreciation and applause after being winning the ‘Emmy Award’ as a host. Also, his aggressive and outspoken personality during the interviews helped him and the fox news channel to make him a brand image and also a plain-spoken commentator.

In 2017 Bill O’Reilly’s 20-year career in Fox news channel immediately came to an end as his settlement was approved after the unusual harassment with six different women.

Maureen McPhilmy and Bill O’Reilly Divorce

Maureen McPhilmy and Bill O’Reilly, the famous commentator meet in  New York City 1992. In a course of 4 years, the two fell in love and decided to get married.

Maureen McPhilmy came into headlines when they both got married in 1996 in St. Bridget Parish in Westbury, New York. In 1998 the couple was blessed with a cute daughter Madeline and after 4 years a son named Spencer was born to them.

Things were good until 2008 when media took the light on the long record of his husband’s unusual relationships with different women. Many media reports even claimed that O’Reilly started settling his unusual harassment cases from 2004.

Later it came to know that O’Reilly almost paid dollar 15 million as settlement money to each woman he had unusual affair with while he was still married to Maureen.

Another reason for filing the divorce and being separated from O’Reilly was that Maureen was being abused and tortured. In 2005, Maureen claimed another case to his ex-husband for domestic violence and emotional abuse.

Not only O’Reilly was blamed by his wife but was also by her daughter. She accused his father as she witnessed harassment of a mother at the home. She claimed that her father used to choke her mother by the neck while dragging her down the stairs.

McPhilmy reported that she caught her husband having phone unusual chats and calls while he was half bared and hence he abused her. Madeline’s testimony led the court to take the whole custody of the children to her mother Maureen.

Hence it was very necessary for the couple to take the divorce. The couple got separated in 2010 but the process of divorce was ultimately completed on September 1, 2011.

Remarry With Jeffrey Gross

Maureen went in relationship with a Police detective named Jeffrey gross. She started to live a peaceful and happy life with him. Detective Gross was also remarried.

Both Gross and  Maureen and had two children earlier from his previous marriage.  He was married to the actress Kathleen McBride who died in 2006 due to a severe Cervical Cancer.

She died when she was 41 years old. Gross’s late wife was an actress. She appeared in movies such as Cocktail starring Tom Cruise as a lead actor. Although McBride only had a small part of the movie.

Currently, the couple is living a very happy life along with their four children in Upscale Manhasset on New York’s Long Island.

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After Divorce Life

Even after separation and Divorce from O’Reilly the life of Maureen was not easy. O’Reilly interfered and made the life of Maureen even tougher. He alleged her claiming that Maureen has tricked him signing into the divorce paper in order to take all the money and property.

He also blamed Maureen for having an extramarital affair with the detective and funding him the money and property. He also blamed Maureen as she was receiving Holy communication in the church despite being a divorced and a remarried woman.

As these things are against the Catholic doctrine. All these ultimately resulted in Maureen being reprimanded in the church.

Bill O’Reilly net worth

Maureen Mcphilmy received the huge sum of money from earlier divorce Bill O’Reilly. It was all due to the lawsuit, and the divorce claims that she was able to increase her net worth. She is currently living along with her husband in a big bungalow worth 4 million dollars. Also her former husband, Bill O’Reilly reportedly has a net worth about 10 million dollars.

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