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Lena The Plug

A very famous youtube star Lena Nersesian also called Lena The Plug is a famous American youtuber and a fitness model. A very bold girl Lena Nersesian is famous for her bad girl attitude. She has gained much popularity by her fitness loving passion and uploading fitness videos on the youtube. She has expressed herself to a very bold character to her audience. Today we will discuss about her personal life, her professional life and will try to cover up her all small details like Lena The Plug wiki.

How Old Is Lena The Plug

Lena The Plug

Lena Nersesian was born on 1 June 1991, in California. Her age is now 27 Years. She was born in a very conservative family in a Christian home in Glendale, California. She was the only child of the family. Her family was so conservative that even meeting up a boy was not allowed to her. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

But now she is living the life she wanted. Now she doesn’t care about what society thinks of her and she has made herself a very famous face on youtube. She has made herself stand in front of her audience in a very bold way and inspiring many to get into fitness. She also considers herself a dork as some of her hobbies are reading and writing poetry.

Lena The Plug Educational Background

Lena The Plug was a very good student. She was very well in academics and scored very good marks on her graduation. She was also offered admission into a post-graduate program at the University of Southern California. But due to her finance problem, she couldn’t pursue her studies there.

She has completed her schooling in the year 2009 and has taken admission to the University of California, Santa Cruz in Psychology. From there she had been graduated in the year 2013.

She was studying in Sweden as an exchange student. As per her, she has lots of memories and spends a wonderful time there. Once on her page, she had been talking about working with children with autism and spending time studying in Sweden at Lund University. She was working as a personal assistant and nanny for those children. She enjoyed the company of the food and people there.

After college, she had worked at a grocery store as an attendant. After that, she has also worked as an Uber driver before she decided to move into the world of social media. After that, she was exposed to various opportunities by the platform of social media to do a startup.

Lena The Plug Boyfriend (Personal Life)

Lena is having a wonderful life with a popular BMX rider Adam Grandmaison. She is now dating Adam Grandmaison who is famously known as Adam22. Lena and Adam are in an open relationship since September 2016. Like Lena, Adam is also a famous youtube star. He has over a million followers. The name of his channel is “No Jumpers”. He is also most famous for one of the most popular BMX websites known as “The Come Up”. Apart from these he also owns a BMX clothing line and a store in Los Angeles.

Apart from her youtube channel, Lena The Plug is also active on several other social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. But she has once said that her Instagram page frequently goes down and she has to fight back to get her page online.

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Lena The Plug Youtube (Professional Life)

As expected, Lena The Plug was not thrilled to her life choices and career path by her parents. But their opinion was to make use of the degree of her degree on Psychology. But destiny has another route for her.

She has then started a channel on youtube, which was related to fitness. As she was a fitness freak, she could make wonderful contents on her channel and had guided many people in the path of fitness. Following which she could grow very fast although she is new to youtube. She had gained over millions of followers on the youtube within a very short period of time.

She has posted more than 120 videos posted. And earns with an estimation between 15 thousand USD up to 200 thousand USD. Also, she is now ranking on 4970 on the basis of the numbers of subscribers.

Her video category ranges from vlogs of her private life to relationship advice and product reviews apart from her fitness tips. She has now become a very successful youtuber. Actually, the boost on her youtube channel got on 17th January 2017, when she announced that she would post her private videos with her boyfriend on her youtube channel if she and her boyfriend’s channel reach a million subscribers. Eventually, her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison’s youtube channel also started growing by her statement.

Lena The Plug Hot

She is a very hot and bold model. She is an average height girl of 1.55 Meter. As she is a fitness freak, she also has a wonderful figure. She has a figure ratio of 35:24:32. Apart from bold, she also looks very cute. Colour of her eyes are black, and she has a slight blonde hair. She has a very wonderful smile with a very cute accent on her face.


Here, we have explained about who is Lena the plug, Lena the plug real name, How old is Lena the plug, Lena the plug wiki, Lenatheplug, Lena Nersesian also known as Lena plug.

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