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Filmyhit is one of the best entertainment websites in India. It is Online Pirated Movies download site, which provides the best Free Downloads of movies. The film downloading category is the most popular category with thousands of members and massive viewers. The users can also easily download and watch them later on. But as this is a pirated website we must know much more about this website. So in this article, we will discuss about this website and will make a complete review about this website.

Filmyhit 2020

Since 2020, Filmyhit has become the most favourite part of the Bollywood Film industry. The movies are available in high quality and totally free of cost. The best thing about this download site is that all the movies are available free. You can download many movie series like Hindi Movie, Tamil Movie, Telugu Movie, Film Festivals, Indian Comedy, Sci-Fi movies, Indian Dramas, Indian Horror, Indian Drama, etc.

The best part of this Online Movie Download Site is that it provides many types of streaming content for the different categories of movies. It is one of the most-watched movie sites in India. In fact, it is one of the most visited and one of the most visited movie sites in India. The network of users has grown due to the best movies available on the website.

But apart from all its qualities of the website, filmyhit is a pirated website. So you can understand how much a pirated website can harm our economy as well as our film industry. If we watch our favourite films on these pirated websites, then we don’t pay the price to the original owner. Hence we are betraying the industry that is doing so much hard work to provide us these movies. So we should visit the cinema halls and watch the movies or we must watch them on the legal websites that are Voot, Jio Cinema, Youtube, Disney Hotstar, Netflix, Alt Balaji, Vudu, Sony Crackle, IMDB Tv and many more.

Why People Visit Filmyhit

For the newbie movie lovers, it is a very easy platform as it is a pirated website. This site provides very easy and user friendly links to the user to download the movies from their website.

This website also provides free access to the entire database of movie, where they can watch and download the films like Film Festivals, Tamil and Telugu Movies, Hindi Movie, Film Festivals, etc. Besides, they can also download the files from the full list of the database containing thousands of movies. The group of users can download the movies easily.

To join this site, you just need to visit its homepage and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. You will be directed to the login page where you will be asked to enter your login details. On the next page, you will have the option to either register by creating an account or register with the first name or by a nickname. The email id is required for the registration and the password is the one used on other online movie download sites.

The user can register as a member by just providing his mail id and the desired password. Once he logs in, he will have the facility to search the movies available, save them in his account and access them later.

Filmyhit is so popular among all the other online movie sites because it offers the best quality movies for totally free of cost and without hassle, anyone can easily download their movies.

How To Stop Piracy Website Like Filmyhit

If you have ever tried to find out how to stop the piracy website in India, you will be aghast to know that you are not alone. The reason why piracy is such a huge problem in India can be summed up by the simple words: India has been losing its viewers to China and Pakistan.

If you do some research on the internet, you will find a lot of Indians trying to find out how to stop piracy website in India, especially after seeing several actors being caught on camera making illegal copies of the same. But the question is how can one stop piracy from happening? Well, there are certain methods that have been used before and they are still effective today.

One of the ways to do this is by using Internet censorship laws. There is a whole lot of forums that would agree that censorship is the most effective way to stop piracy. This is because most of the sites are run illegally and the only way to get a hold of them is to use the control panels. The other methods like blocking all the email addresses of the users who would upload the files would not work as well as censorship does.

In order to avoid any copyright infringement, a white list of banned websites is going to be made and put into action. As long as all the actors are making illegal copies, there is nothing to worry about.

How To Stop Movies Online Piracy

Many people believe that the internet is the most potent weapon that can be used to stop this problem and for the good of all the movie lovers in the world.

Why piracy is such a problem? Because the artists are uploading illegal copies of their movies and not making any money off it. The people who watch the movies are losing the chance to watch original movies without any piracy.

The companies who are making the films in India are unaware of the current situation and there are many movies that have been pirated already. A black list will help the companies catch the copycat artists and it will also show the whole world what the right thing to do is. No one can be fooled and no one can get away with piracy.

Filmyhit is a popular and official banned pirated website in India. It is widely known that there is no such thing as a good place to have fun on the internet.


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This article is a review article of a pirated movie website. In this article, we have exposed the movie downloading website. Also we have made people aware of such websites.

We never promote piracy and instead of this we help our government to fight against the piracy by making people aware. Alone government can’t fight the piracy, we all need to join our hands to stop this piracy. So by our article we give knowledge to the people of how to watch movies legally.

This article is only for educational purpose and none of the websites mentioned here is owned by us. All the names of this websites taken here is only for review purpose.


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