Brittanya Razavi Net Worth, Kids and Full Personal Information

Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi is a famous model as well as an actress in the USA. Apart from being a model, she is inspirational businesswomen having her own line of clothing names 187 Avenue. She is also an American social media star and had been an Internet sensation for a long time.

She is majorly known as Brittanya O-Campo and Brittanya McCall Razavi. She has great media influence having followers about 14.2 million on Instagram. People are fascinated with her body and attractive round figure she is also sensation due to her tattoos and piercings all over her body.

Brittanya Razavi Age

Brittanya Razavi was born on 7th July 1985 at Oxnard, California. Her initial name was Brittanya O’Campo. She was accompanied by four other siblings and they grew together. She is the youngest among the children in her family. None of the sibling’s name is disclosed except her older sister.

Her older sister, Tiffany O’Campo is also a businesswoman just like Brittanya. Not much is known about her mother. She was alone all throughout her childhood and there was no one to guide her. At the age of fifteen, her father was sent to prison.

This shows that from the very early childhood she was forced to become responsible for the challenges of life. Her childhood lacked the presence of guardian and her father was not able to provide them with a healthy and happy childhood.

He lacked his presence in the time when she needed him the most.  The incident changed her family’s life. Her mother became responsible and caretaker if the children completely alone. Even after being the youngest Brittanya took responsibility. She started to move out of home and work to support her mother.

Although her mother was their being supporter the lack of father figure is speculated to be the reason for her reckless behaviour sometimes. She had her first child while she was just 16. The child was taken care by and grown-up by her grandfather. Even though she is a social media star showing her life with transparency, it is contradicting that she doesn’t like to share her childhood. She has always been avoiding her early life and family details.

Her Personal Details

Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is white. She follows Christianity religion. Her is 5.3 feet and weighs around 56 kg. She owns a pair of Hazel colour Eyes and her hair colour is brown. Her shoe size is said to be 0.8. Her birth sign is cancer or fortunately, there is no information about her educational and academic achievement.

From the journey of being a child with no support during childhood and teenage to the star ruling the cover of popular magazines, her life is a story to be inspired in spite of the hardships she had faced she never give up and prove those that life is what you try to make. She currently lives in Murrieta, California.

Brittanya Razavi Career

Although Brittanya was always an attention seeker from the time she got into social media but she made her success on 2009 when she got the chance to debut in VH1 reality show Rock of love bus and charm school. She got this because of her fan following in social media. In the show she tried to gain the love and attention of Bret Michaels, frontman of the band poison and I love money. The show gave her even greater fan following and she became the social media star and influencer.

She has always been in limelight due to her active status in the world of social media. Due to her frequent uploads, she gained a lot of fan following and became a social media star. She gained a lot of publicity. Nevertheless, she took advantage of her good looks and attractive looks as much as she can.  She got herself tattoos and piercings all over her body.

Many companies saw her attractive and curvy body and proposed her collaboration offers. Soon her fan following crossed almost ten million and that was a golden opportunity for her. Brittanya Razavi became a very popular personality and became the favourite face of many popular magazines. Soon she gained fame as she was featured in covers of many big magazines.

Some of them are Savage tattoo, Rebel ink, Tattoo Energy and Spire magazines. Brittanya Rawazi did not miss any opportunity and build her own business. She started selling and promoting bug and famous brands on her social media. She also had her own real estate business. She also owns a website called Brittanya TV where people can pay and watch her private videos. That’s just not enough,  she is also a co-author of a book called Millionaire self-talk.  She has always been down to earth, a jolly and extrovert personality who likes to seek attention was to create the buzz in the market.

Apart from modelling and acting, she became successful in fashion designing too. She became the co-owner of an online store called 187 Avenue, where she sells her own fashion line merchandise and accessories. This personal clothing line of her has been the biggest reason for her increased net worth. She has been seen in a dysfunctional friend (2012), Charmi School with Ricki Lake (TV series 2009) and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (2009).

Brittanya Razavi Married Life

She was in relation for a long time with her rumoured boyfriend Nico Vasquez, but the relation didn’t last long. After that, she got married to also  Brittanya married a person named Moe Razavi. They are living together with no marital affairs. Soon she couple become a family with their five children. She has been seen with two of her children on social media. Even though Brittanya faced a childhood without the care and love of guardian, she full-filled every need of her child.  She understands the value of family, love and importance of being a guardian.


Razavi was blamed for assisting women with a pimp chalice. Hence she was locked in bars for 6 months in prison. There have been a few controversies in Rawazi always ended up being, even more, stronger as time passed by.
In Spite of every handle, her hardworking and passion to earn money has inspired us all.

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