Alaina Marie Mathers Amazing Facts And Relation With Eminem

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers, a name in close association with the popular rapper of America, Eminem. She is the adopted daughter of Eminem. She gained popularity after Eminem adopted her as her daughter.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina was born on 3 May 1993. She is born in the United States Of America and holds American Nationality. Alaina Marie Mathers age is 26 years.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott but was changed to Alaine Marie Mather as soon as Eminem adopted her as her daughter legally. She is biologically the daughter of Dawn Scott while the identity of his father is still unknown.

Her mother Dawn Scott had troubled private life and could not identify her daughter’s biological father. Dawn Scott is the twin sister of Kimberly Anne Scott, the ex-wife of Eminem.

Dawn Scott fell into the vicious cycle of drug addiction, depression and poverty and was not able to cope with it. However, how hard Eminem tried to help her she was not coming out of addiction.

This led him to take the adoption of Alaina. And thus she was adopted by Eminem, the king of rap. Her educational and personal life is not very clear but it is reportedly said that she studied public relations at the University of Oakland.

She has two siblings Hailie Jade and Whitney Scott Mather. Her biological mother Dawn had two children. She has a twin brother named Adam Scott. He is physically and mentally handicapped bad is said to be living with his father.

Dawn Scott Alaina Marie Mathers

Dawn Scott, mother of Aliana Mather used to cope up with depression and poverty by taking drugs while her daughter was just a few years old. Despite Eminem’s best effort, he was unsuccessful in getting her out of the drug addiction.

He then decided to take Aliana under his custody in order to save and secure her future and also for a better upbringing. Alaine mostly spends most of her time with her sister Hailie and Whitney.

Eminem extended his help to the twin sister and eventually fell in love with Kim. Kim later gave birth to their daughter Hailie. Eminem and Kimberly broke up and took divorce when Eminem caught her cheating on him in 2001 and all he had with him were his daughters.

During the 2000s,  Dawn suffered from poverty, depression and was severely addicted to drugs. Eminem adopted Alaine in order to protect her life whereas Dawn failed to take any action and continued to take drugs.

He even officially changed Alaina’s name when he legally adopted her in order to keep her away from the traces of her past life. ‘There was once a time when Dawn used to consume anything and everything that made her high’- said one of Dawn’s boyfriend.

Dawn Scott passed away due to excess Heroin overdose. She was found dead lying in her apartment in January 2016, which was a major shock for Eminem’s family.

Eminem Daughter Hailie and Laney

Eminem all throughout the period before and after the adoption took care of Alaina and provided her with every need possible. Though Alaine and Dawn did meet from time to time Eminem tried his best to keep the negative influence of her mother away.

Alaina grew up together with the two sisters Hailie and Whitney. Even though Hailie is Eminem’s daughter from Kimberly and Whitney is Kimberly’s daughter from another relationship, still, Eminem tried his best that the three of his daughter stay together like real sisters.

Whitney is the daughter of Kimberly Anne Scott’s with her partner Eric Harter who was criminal. Whitney was born on 16 April 2002 and Eminem adopted Whitney then.

Also, rumours say that Eminem once spends $375,000 on each of his three daughters to get them matching necklaces. The complex personal life and Eminem’s problems can be reflected in his various songs from time to time.

Also, his love for his daughters can be seen in many famous songs such as Mockingbird, Crazy in love and Going through changes. Eminem loves his daughter Alina and Whitney the same as he loves his own biological daughter Hailie.

Alaina Marie Mathers Personal Life

Aliana has always been away from the limelight and Eminem has successfully provided them with a normal life. She has not been spotted in public with any of her male friends of the age.

There also has not been any official announcement from them too. The secret star is obviously not married and seems like she is dedicated to her career than relations.

There is hardly any information about her personal life. Also, there has not been any rumours about her romantic relationship. She might be single or may be in a relationship.

Also, she has no social media account showing that her personal life is very maintained. As Eminem usually refrains his personal life in media-mad public so is the daughter Alaina doing.

No matter how much Alaina tries to keep her life private, her fans and public interest keeps on increasing to peek into her life.

Alaina Marie Mathers Net Worth

She reportedly has no regular job and hence has no personal income.  She gets money from her daily expenses form her father who is one of the richest musician and rapper of all time. Eminem, as expected, earns about millions a year through his music.

Alaina Marie Mathers Relation With Eminem

Alaina is biologically the niece of Eminem thus she calls him uncle before and after Eminem adopted him officially. The two of them share a very special bond between them.

Even before she was adopted by Eminem, she was in close relation to her. She is the daughter of Eminem’s ex-girlfriend’s twin sister Dawn Scott. Today she is even a popular celebrity being one of the three daughters of the world-famous singer.

There is a lot of love, care and understanding between the two. Eminem has mentioned her daughter in many of his songs. Also, Alaine praises Eminem wherever possible, some of them were on the talk shows she appeared on.

Alaina was brought up by his father in a luxurious life along with Hallie and Whitney. Currently, they live happily in a mansion together and along with Eminem’s half brother.


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