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aFilmyHit:  As movies are getting much popular nowadays, and the trend of the internet is increasing day by day. People all over India are becoming aware of the films or movies. But they also don’t want to spend their times in the cinema hall and also don’t want to spend their money. And as the internet is evolving, people have learnt to use the internet in a very cunning way. So they search these Bollywood or Hollywood movies online on various websites. Here in This article, I will discuss about one of these sites which aFilmyHit.

Afilmyhit is an online web portal that provides pirated Bollywood, Hollywood movies for free to all.  Many users from all over the world use this website to watch and download copyright movies, web series from This website is mostly famous in some countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc and makes sure to know that this site shared illegally content of Bollywood Movies, Punjabi Movies, Hollywood Movies without any license. 2020

Basically, Afilmyhit is a torrent site. Here in the site, you will get the best quality Full HD movies, web series, short videos and much more. Afilmyhit has a very huge collection of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies that has dual audio, Tollywood movies and much more.

As you know this website uploads the latest movies and web series from many filming industries like Bollywood, Punjabi, Hollywood, etc. so lots of people like to watch this kind of movie or content for free and use afilmhit website.

If people use this type of website to watch movies this means directly or indirectly people supporting this type of illegal website which is a crime.  because of film industries investing huge money in making these movies or other content. so, we cant have the right to share there hard to all for free.

Big Filming industries is now trouble with this pirated problem and losing their revenue because this type of pirated website upload or leaks latest movies at the releasing date or before release.

Interface of Afilmyhit


Best Alternatives of Afilmyhit

This is not ethical to download or watch any movies or contents online from any kind of Pirated or torrent websites. For them, the ethical companies have to pay the cost. These companies work very hard and also invest a lot of money to make a movie or a web series. So it is completely wrong not only financially but also morally to watch or download these movies unofficially from these torrent sites.

For our one wrong decision, the whole economy of our country may come in danger. As everything is interlinked. If we start downloading these movies from these sites, then these Production houses will bear many losses. Due to which our Government will also face many loss and ultimately the loss is ours. Not only you boycott downloading anything from pirated sites. you even don’t visit these sites.

I will clearly not tell you the alternatives of the site, but will give you a list of many sites which is like Afilmyhit which you must avoid visiting. List of the sites like Afilmyhit are:

  • FilmZilla
  • 9xmovie
  • Filmwap
  • Filmyhit
  • 123movies
  • Downloadhub
  • 7starHD
  • JLORockers

Categories of Afilmyhit

If I talk about the categories of Afilmhit, then there are numerous categories in the website. Here in the home page only you can find many a lot of movies that are ready to get downloaded. It actually provides you with all kind of pirated contents. Main categories of the site are:

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Dual Audio Download
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telegu Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Hollywood Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Tamil Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Bengali Movies

Apart from all these main categories, Afilmyhit also consist many kinds of web series. In the home page you will find another category. As this site delicately works on uploading their pirated movies, they upload movies daily. So on the homepage you will find another category, These are:

  • Today Latest Updated Videos
  • Bollywood Hindi Movies
  • New South Indian Movies in Hindi
  • Hollywood Movies in Hindi
  • New Punjabi Movies
  • Bhojpuri Full Movies
  • New Gujrati Movies
  • Bengali movies
  • All TV Show

Why people use Afilmhit website

People normally don’t want to go to the cinemas and waste their time and money. Also, people don’t want to buy the whole monthly subscriptions for watching one or two web series from a particular premium application. So they want to get it for free and hence they visit a site like afilmyhit. Here in the Afilmhit, you can download a numerous numbers of Hollywood, Bollywood and many other industries Movies or a variety of web series. This site gives you an opportunity to get all the content for free.

By visiting afilmyhit, a person doesn’t need to pay for the multiple numbers of websites. Along with not going out, They don’t need to book tickets. Also, they can watch anything online from anywhere comfortably. They can watch with friends with families or the loved ones anywhere they want. For such a huge number of benefits a person visit this site.

The main strategy of this website is to upload the latest movies and web series before the release date or at the release date. So people will get all the latest movies for free on this website. That’s why they using it. This is the main reason for the flops of new movies. they can’t make the revenue as the aspect.

But the important point to note that the government already taking action against this type of websites. And also many online search engine giant like Google, Yahoo, Bings start removing the pirated website from search engines. But this not a small problem. so if we need to solve the from roots then we need to work together and start boycott this pirated website.

So please don’t use afilmyhit website and watch movies in cinema hall, support film industries against the fight of pirated content.

How Afilmyhit Earns

When you visit on the site and whenever you will click any link to download or visit any categories, suddenly you will be redirected many times. These are actually popup ads. Yes they mainly earns from Popup ad networks. As they are pirated sites, so reputed ad networks like Google Adsense, and many other ad networks don’t really approve such sites. So to earn from the traffic they use popup ad networks.

To avoid these popups you just need to install a VPN on the web browser on the desktops or on the mobile devices. These popup ads don’t work when you are using a VPN.

Is Afilmyhit Legal

No, the site is completely illegal. Not only this, but any pirated site or torrent site is also completely illegal. Also they may grab your personal information and misuse it. So always use a VPN while using it, so that you can hide your personal information and keep your private data safe from these sites.

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