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1377x:  All latest Hollywood movies in full HD are available in this website. From where you can watch these movies for free. Every Year Hollywood Film Producing company makes more then 100+ movies in different categories. They make movies like Action Movies, Sci Friction Movies, Romantic and Drama Movies.

In the world, billions of people love to watch Hollywood movies because of super acting, mind-blowing movie stories. And as we know every year Hollywood makes some master pice. That’s why Hollywood Movie wins the world’s most prestigious Oskar Award every year.

Due to this huge popularity, millions of people want to download Hollywood movies online and they visit Free Movies Download websites. This website uploads Hollywood movies for free and anyone can download movies from these download websites. There are lots of sites which provide our movies for free. But one of the most popular websites to download Hollywood Movie for Free is Torrents.


Torrent is a File hosting website server where users can share any files from there computer to any other in the world. But the torrent website banned by the Government of many countries. Because of this website shares illegal files and copyright content with others without any license.

This website is also banned by Google, Bing or any other search engine. And the users are unable to find this site on Google. So torrent uses proxy to give access to pirated filled like movies, paid videos, etc. 1377x is one of the most popular Proxies of Torrents. Where users can get access to all the copyright content of torrent websites by visiting 1377x.to.

They use many other popular proxy sites in different countries with different names. In this article, we will talk about 1377x.  why 1377x is not safe for us? and why we don’t need to use this type of pirated website. Every day millions of people visit torrents proxy sites to download Hollywood Movies or any other files. But they don’t know this website is illegal and this is not safe to download pirated files.

Alternatives of 1377x

Here I will provide you a list of pirated websites that you must avoid always. If anyone is from India, then he or she will love these alternative sites as there are lots of Hindi movies available on the site. Starting from Hollywood, Tollywood up to many regional language film in Hindi or dual audio dubbed. Though they can be alternative of 1337x as along with Hollywood, they also provides Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali and much more: So here I present you the list:

1377× Movie Downloader

This pirated website upload lots of copyright content on their websites like Hollywood Movies in Hindi, Bollywood New Movies, Television Shows, Paid Games, Applications, Copyrighted Music and other illegal files. That’s why every month 15 million people visit the 1337x website to download this pirated content. people normally use this website to download new movies. This website illegally leaks new movies from Bollywood and Hollywood.

People need to understand about piracy before using this type of torrent proxy site. because lots of people don’t know about piracy and they download pirated content. so let’s talk about what is piracy? and how to prevent piracy? How piracy affect our film industries?

What is Piracy(1377x)

If a company make content or video and someone share or upload this video to online platforms like torrent or any other video streaming site without any permission from the company. Then this is piracy and no-one has any right to upload other’s video without their permission or license.

Today lots of websites doing this type of illegal activity and upload Hollywood Movies in Hindi and Bollywood movies on the website. If you search on Google this keyword ” Download Movies for Free” then you will get lots of illegal pirated websites where they upload movies. Torrent is one of the biggest pirated websites in the world and due to this piracy activity Government of many countries like India, United Kindom, Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, etc.

So, the torrent website uses too many proxy websites like 1377x. In India our Supreme court ban more then 30 torrent websites and the Indian government is very active against piracy and they regularly ban pirated websites.

How to Prevent Piracy

Every Year Film industries make 1000+ new movies, but lots of movies get flops. This is because of the pirated websites like 1377x and other pirated websites. These websites upload new movies before releasing date and film industries lose huge revenue. So if you love to watch movies then we need to take action against Pirated Website.

The government is already taking action against pirated websites. But this not sufficient to prevent piracy. We need to stop supporting these pirated websites. So first of all never visit the pirated website and stop downloading pirated movies. If you want to watch movies, then there are too many options today to watch movies, web series and more online. There are lots of legal apps and website like Netflix, Hotstar, Plex, Kodi etc.

If we stop using these websites then automatically movies download websites will close and shut. And finally, we can solve the piracy problem. Everything depends on us, if you take action then we can do this.


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Here in this article, we have made a review of the website, Here we have strictly told the people not to visit such sites. And with the help of our article now people have become much aware of the pirated sites. We have described everything properly so that people can make the right decision.

We know that piracy of any content is a criminal offence and we never promote piracy. Also we don’t claim the ownership of any mentioned sites. Thank you for reading the article.

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